Would you like to learn how to play piano?


At Keys for Kids, we provide you with a love for music! Each lesson is designed to teach young children and teenages how to read music and play the piano. Learning to play the piano is not only an important skill to learn, but is very satisfying. Music is a good outlet for stress and also helps linguistic skills and memory capacity.

Lessons at Keys for Kids is a one on one lesson with your child. They will have a great time learning and will be excited to practice and come to each of their lessons.

Keys for Kids offers sessions at $15 for a half-hour or $25 for an hour session. Each child will have a song to play in our spring recital. I will also provide you with a cd of your childs music every three months so you can enjoy their progress.



Get this great bonus, if you sign up for lessons with Keys for Kids between now and April 1, 2008!

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